Snow Media

Snow Media is the specialist in outdoor advertising, snow related TV media and sponsorship implementation across Australia's major ski resorts. 2.9 million Australians Ski and Snowboard. With an average income of $110,000 resort visitors spent $1.8 billion in Australian ski resorts in 2015.

Our unique advertising products present your brand:
  • to an audience that is investing heavily in an unforgettable experience
  • to a captive target audience when they are most relaxed and receptive to your message
  • to a clearly defined and largely affluent demographic
  • throughout an entire snow season
  • repeatedly each day with visual impressions of up to 10 minutes in duration

From the arrival of your artwork Snow Media will manage every aspect of print production, transport and installation.

Snow Media is a registered trade mark.

Total cut

Achieve Total Cut Through with a captive, premium audience that is investing in an unforgettable experience.

Contact us for fully customised multi and single resort winter campaign packages.